Best free Unity Assets in 2023

Best free Unity Assets in 2023

Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store contains a library of free and commercial assets that Unity Technologies and members of the community create. is an open marketplace geared towards independent video game fans. Users of the platform can sell their creations on their own content pages, and sellers don’t need to jump over any hurdles


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GitHub is an online hub where developers from all over the world can learn about, share, and collaborate on software projects. The website is very community-oriented, with anyone being able to look at and update each other’s code to make it better.

Poly Haven

Poly Haven is a great site where you can download free textures, models, and high-dynamic range images (HDRI). The model selection is incredibly diverse and includes furniture, barrels, cannons, and even surprising finds like a Korean public payphone. The texture selection is equally expansive: You’ll find textures like rock, brick, concrete, fabric, and everything in between. Their wide variety of HDRIs will give you highly realistic lighting for your scenes.


TurboSquid is a marketplace with over 25,000 free 3D models and hundreds of thousands more in the paid category. The site provides both paid and free assets along with a brief description of the quality. The quality of a model is judged on aspects such as scale and texture resolution for the purpose of awarding either “Lite or Pro CheckMate Certification”.


Sketchfab is a website geared towards making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content on an online platform. You can choose models with confidence by previewing them in Sketchfab’s real-time 3D and VR viewer and model inspector, which lets you interact with the models in the browser.


Texturer is a superb site with a fantastic variety of textures. You don’t even need to create an account to download them. On the left side of the homepage is their list of categories. Here, you can choose textures for buildings, metal, transport, ground, weapons, wear, animals, and more.

Open Game Art

Open Game Art is a media repository intended for use with free and open source software video game projects, offering open content assets. Its purpose is to allow developers to easily replace programmer art with high-quality, freely licensed artwork.